Case Studies

Bed Bug
   1. Apartment
   2. Moving Truck
   3. Airline
   4. 5-Story Building

Bed Bug Case Study
Moving Truck

Homeowner experiencing bed bug infestation attempted multiple chemical treatments with no resolution. Rottler Pest Control was called to help solve the problem with heat remediation using RX15 System.

Homeowners belongings were packed into a moving truck by homeowner and brought to Rottler. The Rx15 System was used to bring the moving truck and all contents up to kill temperatures for approved time.

Despite the trailer being heavily packed the RX15 was able to penetrate inside of packed boxes, mattresses, dressers, etc. This was confirmed by the RxSmart monitoring system. Sensors were placed in the most densely packed areas to ensure all contents achieved kill temperatures.


Below is a graphical representation of temperature data captured from RxSmart sensors on the project. Rottler was able to safely monitor progress outside the structure and manipulate airflow devices as needed.

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