Case Studies

Bed Bug
   1. Apartment
   2. Moving Truck
   3. Airline
   4. 5-Story Building

Bed Bug Case Study
Sixth Story Apartment

bed bug case study 2Residents of a sixth story apartment were experiencing a bed bug infestation. The apartment was a large area that required treatment under tight time constraints. The sprinkler system presented a need for precisely controlled heat. The remote location of the sixth story apartment presented accessibility issues.

bed bug case study 2Rottler provided an RX15 trailer system with portable option to treat the large area with high-capacity heat while meeting the tight deadline. The RxSmart controls maintained a safe operating temperature for the sprinkler system. The RX15 portable option enabled Rottler to bring the system close to the structure. Power and fuel was supplied solely by the RX15 Trailer. Ducting was safely secured and brought up six stories into the apartment.

bed bug case study 2Effective "kill" temperatures were achieved while staying within a safe temperature range for the sprinkler system. The apartment was returned to the residents bed bug free within the allotted time.



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