Case Studies

Bed Bug
   1. Apartment
   2. Moving Truck
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   4. 5-Story Building

Water Restoration Case Study
High School

freezing water at highschoolMultiple pipes froze and burst on the third floor of an historic high school building on Christmas Eve. The outdoor temperature was below zero. Lower levels of the school were flooded with 4” of standing water, much of which had frozen. Damage to the 15,500 sq. ft. school included saturated hardwood floors, plaster and wood lathe walls.

RxHeater in use A catastrophe response service company arrived within a few hours with air movers and two direct-fired RX15 Blow-Thru® Heaters which were used to thaw and dry the entire structure.

Within only six hours of setting up both RX15 Heaters, the temperature inside the school had risen from 15°F to 60°F with warm dry air being distributed through nearly ¼ mile of lay flat ducts. With each RxHeat unit generating 6000 CFM of high temperature airflow, humid air was exhausted through secure air outlets on the top floor which greatly reduced the total time required for the drying process. Carpets were dried in place to reduce reconstruction costs. Plaster walls were accessed for drying and appropriate drying environments were created for the hardwood floors.

Customer Comments
“If this Class 4 water loss project had been dried without the RxHeat equipment, a minimum of eight days would have been required. However, the solution with RX15 Heaters dried the structure in only five days reducing mitigation costs”