Case Studies

Bed Bug
   1. Apartment
   2. Moving Truck
   3. Airline
   4. 5-Story Building

Airline Heat Treat

An airplane bed bug infestation had been confirmed and the airline involved wanted to react as quickly as possible to resolve the issue. The airline needed a safe, engineered solution to heat the airplane, with precision temperature controls to protect the plane from damage.

The Rx12 and Rx15 System was used to bring the infested airplane and all contents up to prescribed kill temperatures for the approved time. RxHeat, the pest control operator, and the airline engineering staff worked together to ensure the plane was thoroughly heated, while maintaining safe operating temperatures for the plane and its components. Sensors were placed throughout the airplane including overhead areas, floor spaces, the cockpit, the cargo storage area, and in seating components. Heaters were elevated using hydraulic lifts, and subsequently ducted into the plane with over 25 high velocity air movers to evenly distribute the heat.

Effective "kill" temperatures were reached and confirmed by the RxSmart monitoring system. This allowed the airplane to be returned to service.