Case Studies

Bed Bug
   1. Apartment
   2. Moving Truck
   3. Airline
   4. 5-Story Building

5-Story Building

Residents of a 5 story apartment building were experiencing a bed bug infestation rate that exceeded 80% of the building’s units after 2 years of failed chemical treatments. The building contained sprinkler systems throughout presenting a need for precisely controlled heat.

RxHeat provided an RX15 trailer system with portable option to treat the large apartment building. The RxSmart controls maintained the appropriate temperature for the alloted time to kill the bed bugs. Ducting was safely secured and brought up to the infested apartments.

Results were confirmed by the use of (3) RxSmart monitoring systems. Effective "kill" temperatures were achieved while staying within a safe temperature range for the sprinkler system. The apartment building was returned to the residents bed bug free.